EP/EC S*Wi'nte Sams Platin Clothilde

Cream Smoke     TUA es
Female/Neuter Born: 98 03 28 Pedigree Show

Mother of: S*Lönnebergas Mustang litter 1 

10 years old

Clothilde July-03Clothilde July-03
Clothilde July-03
5 years & 4 months old

Clothilde november-02Clothilde november-02
4 years & 8 months old

Clothilde 2 yearsClothilde 2 years

Clothilde and her daughter BossClothilde and Cheva

Clothilde 3 months and her motherClothilde 3 months

"Nita" (Platin backwords without p and l) is my first Turkish Angora. She is a lovely cat. She is just like an angora should be. Everything she does, she does to 200%! I'm really, really glad that I have her. She got her European Champion-title in Gothenburg 01-08-04/05. I was so glad. I don't think she has ever been more beatiful than she was that weekend. Before I got Nita I thought about it for a year. Should I really start with a new breed? I read every magazine and every book I could about the breed. I think I called Hanny 100 times to ask questions about all and nothing. Since there are so few angoras in Sweden, it's not just to "get" an angora. You have to be prepared that you might have to go abroad to mate and so on. But I don't regret for a second that I got another breed beside the Norwegian Forest Cat! You can learn a lot from it. Thank you Hanny and Bengt!

Breeder: Hanny Olsen & Bengt Pettersson
Owner: Lotta Anderälv
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