GIC S*Lönnebergas Boss Mustang White/Amber Eyed       TUA w 62
Female/Neuter Born: 00 11 10 Pedigree Show

Mother of: Corvair litter 1 & Dodge litter 1

Boss on our camping trip in Trelleborg in August -07

Boss 4½ years old
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Boss 2 years 8 months
Boss 2 years 8 months

GIC S*Lönnebergas Boss Mustang

Boss 9 months

Boss 9 monthsBoss 4 months

Boss and her sister Sprint 13 weeksBoss 3 weeks

Cheva and Boss 5 weeks

"Idi" wasn't supposed to stay at all. There was many people who was interested in her but no one seemed to really fit. Finally my boyfriend said:" that's it! I'm buying her. I don't want her to move!". You might understand that I didn't argue with him! She's a really nice cat who knows she is beatiful. She expects everyone to love her and do as she wants to. She has a great temperament on shows to, but of course she is an angora and she acts like one to! I think she has that "little something" that most people like.

Owner: Patrik Hermansson, Sweden

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