S*Lönnebergas Grande Mustang

Black Tortie Mackerel Tabby    TUA f 23
Female Born: 00 11 10
Pedigree Show

Father: EC Esben af Thrige DK
Mother: EP/EC S*Wi'nte Sams Platin Clothilde

Grande 11 monthsGrande 9 months

Grande 4 months

Grande 10 weeksGrande 3 weeks

I was only supposed to have a hostcat from this litter but I ended up with one hostcat and one who stayed at home with us! Things doesn't always goes as they were planned. "Spicey" is the hostcat and she lives a few miles from us. I think she is so beatiful! She loves to talk. You can sit and talk to her for hours! She's really like her mother, everything goes to 200%! My plan is to mate her in the nearest future.

Owner: Lotta Åhstedt , Sweden

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